Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Well it's off to Cliff's today!

Good Morning All,

Well I worked some more on the chair and now all the white is covered. The rest will go a little more quickly and be more fun. Still no theme but it reminds me of a fun gramma's chair.

Here are some pictures of our wood hauling last night. Whatever was wrong with the chain saw is fixed now and we were all there to watch dad fix it. In the picture is Norman, the big dog, Blueberry, the smaller dog and Joe the cat on the roof of the pickup, oh and that's Dennis fixing the saw. We filled the tailgate!!

Here is a picture of the cows waiting for Dennis to feed them, they were a bawling to beat the band, now they like us. Oh yes a a picture of my very cool cat, Joe!

Well I'm off to pickup pictures to show Mary at work, she does not have a computer so I just print a few off for her when I go to work each week. She gets a kick out of it. Thanks, Donna

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