Friday, November 13, 2009

Painted Steps

Some friends have some very unusual stairs and they let me paint them. Here are some before and afters...

An old cupboard made new!

Hello again, Here is a picture of an old cupboard I had in the kitchen, it was boring and white, so I fixed that. Not boring anymore!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So It's Fall!

Well much has happened since I got on here last. We had our 30th wedding anniversary. Great fun with family and friends. We had a son get married in the front yard just a week ago, COLD but beautiful. Fabulous food. I have not done alot of creative stuff but have been making these Hop vine Wreaths. Here's a picture.

Here's a picture of the happy couple, Sam and Brandy Brobeck. Oh and for the wedding I made my first wedding cake, I got some ideas from the internet, take a look.

Oh and also for the wedding, since I'm not a gardener, I made beer can flowers. They were fun and simple and cheap, recycle, recycle!

Let's see what else, oh made a scarecrow for the wedding to sit in the corner of the yard, we thought he looked just like dennis my hubby!

Well I'm babysitting grandsons today so better get back to them. Take care and have a stress free day!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Spring and Summer gotta love it!

Here are some photos I wanted to show, first is my 1st peony in 3 years and it's gorgeous, I was so excited to find it yesterday!

Then there is Max, our youngest, who is finding the artist in himself. It's been exciting to watch.

Then the other day I decided to paint a window on the house because I did not like the veiw from outside. It's a tad out there but very colorful.

Oh and here is little Zoey on Easter with me. We were at Aunt Myrna and Uncle Wally's for the day.

Then there is my first ever herb garden, they all smell so good but now I have to learn what to do with fresh herbs!

30 years and still in Love!!

Hello All,

Dennis and I are celebrating our 30th year anniversary in less than 2 weeks now. We are having a BBQ blowout and our son Max is coming with the band"A different Shade of Blues" to entertain.

Here is the picture of a chair I painted for a young couple who got married last weekend. I used to take care of him the nursery he was a favorite and he found a very sweet girl to marry.

Oh and here is a picture of Sam our 4th son with his fiance Brandy, they plan to marry in October.

Here a scene I snapped after my morning walk with the dogs, Norm and Blue. It's right at the edge of the driveway, I thought it was cool.

Byee for now, Donna!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fun with Friendship Bread

Oh I am so mad at myself, I just posted this great adventure I had yesterday making muffins and then erased it.URGH!!!

Let me redo, My daughter in law, Rachel, gave me and my friend a start of Friendship bread. I have gone through the process and couple times and Den and I eat it so fast I decided to save all of it this time and bake some for the freezer. Well so I baked all day yesterday and still have the same amount for today to do. I jazzed them up each time, we have orange muffins, double chocolate chip muffins, Cliff's Heart healthy cereal and raisin muffins, they were all really good. The pistacio muffins with pistacio pudding in them were a bomb, I didn't add enough sugar and they are green, we'll need to be extra hungrey to eat them, or I'll just give them to Max, my son, he'll eat anything. I think there were 10 dozen muffins and 4 loaves of bread.

I also got some bags made , here's a picture. They will be for sale at the Idaho Baglady in Nampa Friday. Well I better get baking and sewing, Looks kinda cold today so bundle up!!!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fun with Purses

Hi All, Long time no write. So I have been cleaning quilt squares out of my drawer of scraps and made this quilt, it's king size and so warm.
But I still had more so I made a quilt to cover the window in the front room, it kinda looks like stained glass.
Well now I am doing some purses and reuseable shopping bags. Here are a couple. I am using basmati rice bags and demin from dennis' old overalls. I just today figured out how to wash the burlap bags and not have all the color come out, thanks mom!!
Well I am off to sew a few more bags today as Dennis is working and I must make my way.
Oh an update on the chairs, they had a great time at the gallery but they are all back home with Den and I. I think I will try craigs list or something as you can only have so many chairs in your living room:-/
Tootles and have a great day.