Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fun with Purses

Hi All, Long time no write. So I have been cleaning quilt squares out of my drawer of scraps and made this quilt, it's king size and so warm.
But I still had more so I made a quilt to cover the window in the front room, it kinda looks like stained glass.
Well now I am doing some purses and reuseable shopping bags. Here are a couple. I am using basmati rice bags and demin from dennis' old overalls. I just today figured out how to wash the burlap bags and not have all the color come out, thanks mom!!
Well I am off to sew a few more bags today as Dennis is working and I must make my way.
Oh an update on the chairs, they had a great time at the gallery but they are all back home with Den and I. I think I will try craigs list or something as you can only have so many chairs in your living room:-/
Tootles and have a great day.

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deedee said...

I missed you! So glad you are back!