Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fun with Friendship Bread

Oh I am so mad at myself, I just posted this great adventure I had yesterday making muffins and then erased it.URGH!!!

Let me redo, My daughter in law, Rachel, gave me and my friend a start of Friendship bread. I have gone through the process and couple times and Den and I eat it so fast I decided to save all of it this time and bake some for the freezer. Well so I baked all day yesterday and still have the same amount for today to do. I jazzed them up each time, we have orange muffins, double chocolate chip muffins, Cliff's Heart healthy cereal and raisin muffins, they were all really good. The pistacio muffins with pistacio pudding in them were a bomb, I didn't add enough sugar and they are green, we'll need to be extra hungrey to eat them, or I'll just give them to Max, my son, he'll eat anything. I think there were 10 dozen muffins and 4 loaves of bread.

I also got some bags made , here's a picture. They will be for sale at the Idaho Baglady in Nampa Friday. Well I better get baking and sewing, Looks kinda cold today so bundle up!!!

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deedee said...

I've gotten those friendship breads before. I never knew what to do with them so I just threw them away. That is a lot of bread! You have so many amazing talents :)