Monday, October 27, 2008

The Rocker is done!!

Hello All, So sorry I have not been blogging much this last week, if any. I think I have been going through a 'funk' of sorts. I just was not feeling this chair. But I was assured that the chair had merit so I will post the end product. It reminds me to a sampler that is embroidered. All kinds of different techniques and instruments were used to acheive the finished chair. I practiced curlie Q's and dots and flowers, ect. Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Organized Kaos!!

Organized Kaos, I thought of this the other day as a way to discribe my style. I can say this about my whole life acually. Sometimes its downright exhausting. Which is how I feel after an afternoon of painting. Well here is what I am working on now... It's a tad kaotic but that's okay, it's me.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dylan's soccar game!

Hello, Today was, Dylan, my 2nd grandson's soccar game. He plays every Saturday, his dad, my son Jake, is the coach. It was a great game and Dylan even kicked the ball a few times. It is so cute, the players are between 4 and 6 years old. Sme know why they are out there and some don't, but they sure seem to have fun. Most don't care where they ball goes as long as they get to kick it. We, the spectators, clap and shout hooray no matter who gets the ball in the goal. Right now it's all for fun and I think they coaches and parents have accomplished that. Here are some pictures of the action. The other little guy sitting on my lap isRaleigh his little brother and my 5th grandson. I didn't get a pictures of their mom, Rachel, so here she is, a great little daughter-in-law if I do say so myself. Next week is their last game and Thursday is their Pizza party at the YMCA where Rachel works. Next Spring Raleigh will play with his brother, now that will be interesting!!!
Love ya, Donna!
PS: BSU won 27 to 7 over Hawaii!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Go BSU!!


Well while I wait for Dennis to get home I will update you on the chair. As you can see it is pretty colorful. I am working on the top now but have not quite figured it out yet. I loved how the arm turned out, I was going to erase them but thought I'd see what I could do with the snaky thing in the middle. It works!
Den and I are going to Sandy and Sams to watch BSU, Boise State University, squash Hawaii. Here is a picture of me showing some BSU pride, just a little. They are doing so well. I baked an Apple Raspberry pie for the occaision. Sandy's making ribs, Yeah!! Hurry up Dennis, we don't want to miss any thing. Well I'm going to sign out!! Byee!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Well it's off to Cliff's today!

Good Morning All,

Well I worked some more on the chair and now all the white is covered. The rest will go a little more quickly and be more fun. Still no theme but it reminds me of a fun gramma's chair.

Here are some pictures of our wood hauling last night. Whatever was wrong with the chain saw is fixed now and we were all there to watch dad fix it. In the picture is Norman, the big dog, Blueberry, the smaller dog and Joe the cat on the roof of the pickup, oh and that's Dennis fixing the saw. We filled the tailgate!!

Here is a picture of the cows waiting for Dennis to feed them, they were a bawling to beat the band, now they like us. Oh yes a a picture of my very cool cat, Joe!

Well I'm off to pickup pictures to show Mary at work, she does not have a computer so I just print a few off for her when I go to work each week. She gets a kick out of it. Thanks, Donna

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Good Morning!

Well I have started on the next chair, a rocker. After 3 days, approximatly 12 hours, here it is so far. Joe is testing it out for me. It's going nicely, Dennis keeps asking me what the theme is, I have not idea, I'll tell you later.

Yesterday my grandson Braidon called me to tell me they, his dad and brother and him, were going to go take pictures of graffitti and they were riding the long board to do this. I think a long board is just a real long skate board. I don't know if they were all on one board or if they each had their own. Their dad called later that evening to tell us they were on it most of the day. Here's a picture of the boys having a milkshake drinking contest during the day. Sounds like a great time. By the way the pictures of graffitti is for a Christmas present Jeremiah, my son, is making me. I love homemade from my kids, so exciting!!

Last night my hubby and I went outside and fed the calves, the neighbor and we have 7 altogether. It is so beautifull out on the hillside where they are. I threw sticks for the dogs to catch and we talked about the house on the hillside we are always going to build. Den's plans always get a little extravigant so for now it's just talk. Then we went into the 8 acres and spent about an hour and a half choping wood for kindling. It was so much fun, we sawed it all by hand cuz the chainsaw, needs a new blade I guess. It was sundown when we finished and the sky was just gourious, we even had a full moon, well it looked like a full moon anyway. Here is a picture of what we gathered. I propped it by the front door, it's very autumny.
Today the sun is very bright so I better get to work, have a good one. Donna

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fun in Hyde Park

Hi All,

Our adventure yesterday to the Hyde Park area in Boise was a blast!! Little Anthony did come and he was a real trouper. Even let us go to Savers when we got back to Nampa. We caught the 42 bus at Karcher mall at 10:30am and got to 9th and main just in the nick of time to catch the #14 bus to Hyde park.
Here are some of the places we went.
The soda Fountain is in Goody's Candy Store and Soda Fountain. I got an Ice cream cone, I think they said they make their own ice cream, it was coffee flavored with chuncks of coffee beans, fabulous!!

We toured the Gallery at Hyde Park, there is some of the greatest recycled Jewelry in there. Also the paper mache exhibit is really quite fun to see, very colorful. There were pencil drawings I did not quite understand but someone put alot of thought into them.
We also went to the Blue Moon antiques, they had great prices on crazy quilts which I loved but had to resist.
We ate at the Sunray Cafe and had some fabulous veggie sandwich on dark rye and beer cheese soup. You could really taste the beer, again Fabulous.

We then decided it was time to hoof it to the Co-op on 9th and Fort. While we were hoofing it we saw a bus that would be going to the co-op so we ran back for it. Imagine four, not as young as they used to be, ladies and a baby in a stroller runner down the street yelling "wait, wait". It was all very funny and par for the course for yesterday. As the bus started out we realized it was not going straight to the co-op, it was a more scenic route. We finally got there and realized the bus driver was not necessarily stopping so I pulled the cord and we got off. I felt soooo brave. Inside the co-op were all sorts of healthy fare, some I had heard of, some I had not. But my friend Julie was in heaven as she had found some the items she remembered from Africa, where she did some of her growing up, as her folks were missionaries (she's Anthony's mom). Sharon and Laura bought themselves Gelatos and I got myself a coffee with whole milk just like I like it and we stolled around for some time.
It was then time to think about getting back to the bus stop that would take us back to Nampa. We found it was close enough to walk so we did. The trip home was a little longer because of rush hour traffic but there was a very talkative fellow who kept Laura and I entertained, (he seemed to know everyone), so it went fairly fast.
It was a GREAT day and I hope to do it again someday. I would recommend it highly. Now I must get to sanding the next chair, a rocker!!

Bye, Donna

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Okay, now we're really done.

So I got up this morning and well I had to tweak a little more. Now the letters are just right and I can go on to something else. But today I am going on a bus ride trip to Boise to visit the Hyde Park area and the Co-op with the friends just cuz we can.

My friend may come with her little guy Anthony, the cutest little fella you ever did see, which could make matters a little more interesting. There will be plenty of mothers and gramma's to play with him so.... Well I think I am off. Tomorrow we stat another project and then 2 days in the bakery at "Cliff's".


Monday, October 6, 2008

Joe's Done!

Okay so let me tell you what happened since this morning. I made another attempt at finishing top of the chair and it was a disaster. So.....I decided to break down and get a couple new brushes. They made all the difference, the letters turned out crisp and I can live with them. So here's the finished chair. I'll look at it again in the morning. Good night!!

Let's give it another try!!

Well i thought I had the Joe chair on the ropes but I just can not get the lettering down. Just not happy... so today I whited it out and will start over again, just on the lettering, mind you. Hopefully I will have something to share this evening. I have gone on my morning walk with the dogs and cleaned the kitchen and folded laundry, it's quiet so it should all come together cuz I am SO anxious to start on the next one. It's driving me plum looney!!!

Byee, Donna

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Just a couple of funnies!

Dennis and I were reading emails today and thought we'd share some from Hilarious Logic!!
If you click on them they get bigger.
We went to the "Simply Content" sale and were really impressed by what we saw. Even bought a cool white wicker collapable rocker that I think I will redo with the 'Donna' touch. For the price I could not resist, $25.00. We have had rain and more rain and wind and lightening and thunder but it's been a great day I even took a nap. Dennis is in the kitchen fixin' somethng fabulous for dinner something with pasta and frest tomatoes and garlic I think. Well I better go help. Hope you're having a great day too. Take care, Donna

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Update on Joe's Chair

Hello, Well I've added a few touches to Joe's Chair. He now has a ball of yarn to play with and a little friend he hasn't noticed yet. I just have a few touch-ups and some wording at the top to do. Should be done tomorrow.

Well that's it for me, I need to go watch the debate with Dennis. Donna!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Today it's back to Work!

No painting today as I'm off to work. I work at Cliff's Country Market in Caldwell, ID. If we don't have it Cliff will try to find it for you. The owners are Cliff and Marilyn Metcalf. They're good to work for but it is definatly no nonsence and very few frills. Fall is the season for Apples so I'm off to bury myself in a bin of beautiful apples and sort the little ones from the big one. Big ones go on the table and little ones get bagged, 4 lbs for $1.99. Great value!! We're small but growing all the time. We even have an in store bakery and Wednesday is Gluten Free day. People come from all around to get homebaked gluten free baked goods like cinamon rolls, pies, sandwich bread, pizza crusts and fruit breads. Jennifer (the baker) has tweaked the recipes just so and they are fabulous, I should know I work on Wednesday and she gives tastes test ever so often. We also have a big assortment of Mexican foods and spices not to mention of local fruits and vegetables availabel right now. The nectarines this year have just been Gorgious. So come check us out if your ever in Caldwell, Idaho. I'm there on Wednesday and Thursday!!
Have a good one, Donna