Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Good Morning!

Well I have started on the next chair, a rocker. After 3 days, approximatly 12 hours, here it is so far. Joe is testing it out for me. It's going nicely, Dennis keeps asking me what the theme is, I have not idea, I'll tell you later.

Yesterday my grandson Braidon called me to tell me they, his dad and brother and him, were going to go take pictures of graffitti and they were riding the long board to do this. I think a long board is just a real long skate board. I don't know if they were all on one board or if they each had their own. Their dad called later that evening to tell us they were on it most of the day. Here's a picture of the boys having a milkshake drinking contest during the day. Sounds like a great time. By the way the pictures of graffitti is for a Christmas present Jeremiah, my son, is making me. I love homemade from my kids, so exciting!!

Last night my hubby and I went outside and fed the calves, the neighbor and we have 7 altogether. It is so beautifull out on the hillside where they are. I threw sticks for the dogs to catch and we talked about the house on the hillside we are always going to build. Den's plans always get a little extravigant so for now it's just talk. Then we went into the 8 acres and spent about an hour and a half choping wood for kindling. It was so much fun, we sawed it all by hand cuz the chainsaw, needs a new blade I guess. It was sundown when we finished and the sky was just gourious, we even had a full moon, well it looked like a full moon anyway. Here is a picture of what we gathered. I propped it by the front door, it's very autumny.
Today the sun is very bright so I better get to work, have a good one. Donna

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Lucydolls' ramblings said...

Donna ~ I love the new chair. You are such a talented friend. I love the Joe chair. Has he tried it out yet?
Love you and keep paintin!