Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Today it's back to Work!

No painting today as I'm off to work. I work at Cliff's Country Market in Caldwell, ID. If we don't have it Cliff will try to find it for you. The owners are Cliff and Marilyn Metcalf. They're good to work for but it is definatly no nonsence and very few frills. Fall is the season for Apples so I'm off to bury myself in a bin of beautiful apples and sort the little ones from the big one. Big ones go on the table and little ones get bagged, 4 lbs for $1.99. Great value!! We're small but growing all the time. We even have an in store bakery and Wednesday is Gluten Free day. People come from all around to get homebaked gluten free baked goods like cinamon rolls, pies, sandwich bread, pizza crusts and fruit breads. Jennifer (the baker) has tweaked the recipes just so and they are fabulous, I should know I work on Wednesday and she gives tastes test ever so often. We also have a big assortment of Mexican foods and spices not to mention of local fruits and vegetables availabel right now. The nectarines this year have just been Gorgious. So come check us out if your ever in Caldwell, Idaho. I'm there on Wednesday and Thursday!!
Have a good one, Donna

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