Saturday, October 4, 2008

Just a couple of funnies!

Dennis and I were reading emails today and thought we'd share some from Hilarious Logic!!
If you click on them they get bigger.
We went to the "Simply Content" sale and were really impressed by what we saw. Even bought a cool white wicker collapable rocker that I think I will redo with the 'Donna' touch. For the price I could not resist, $25.00. We have had rain and more rain and wind and lightening and thunder but it's been a great day I even took a nap. Dennis is in the kitchen fixin' somethng fabulous for dinner something with pasta and frest tomatoes and garlic I think. Well I better go help. Hope you're having a great day too. Take care, Donna

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deedee said...

I love the cat with teeth one! So funny!