Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dylan's soccar game!

Hello, Today was, Dylan, my 2nd grandson's soccar game. He plays every Saturday, his dad, my son Jake, is the coach. It was a great game and Dylan even kicked the ball a few times. It is so cute, the players are between 4 and 6 years old. Sme know why they are out there and some don't, but they sure seem to have fun. Most don't care where they ball goes as long as they get to kick it. We, the spectators, clap and shout hooray no matter who gets the ball in the goal. Right now it's all for fun and I think they coaches and parents have accomplished that. Here are some pictures of the action. The other little guy sitting on my lap isRaleigh his little brother and my 5th grandson. I didn't get a pictures of their mom, Rachel, so here she is, a great little daughter-in-law if I do say so myself. Next week is their last game and Thursday is their Pizza party at the YMCA where Rachel works. Next Spring Raleigh will play with his brother, now that will be interesting!!!
Love ya, Donna!
PS: BSU won 27 to 7 over Hawaii!!!