Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So It's Fall!

Well much has happened since I got on here last. We had our 30th wedding anniversary. Great fun with family and friends. We had a son get married in the front yard just a week ago, COLD but beautiful. Fabulous food. I have not done alot of creative stuff but have been making these Hop vine Wreaths. Here's a picture.

Here's a picture of the happy couple, Sam and Brandy Brobeck. Oh and for the wedding I made my first wedding cake, I got some ideas from the internet, take a look.

Oh and also for the wedding, since I'm not a gardener, I made beer can flowers. They were fun and simple and cheap, recycle, recycle!

Let's see what else, oh made a scarecrow for the wedding to sit in the corner of the yard, we thought he looked just like dennis my hubby!

Well I'm babysitting grandsons today so better get back to them. Take care and have a stress free day!

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