Thursday, November 6, 2008

Revamped Aprons for Cliff's!!

Good Morning Look what I did this morning, revamped some aprons from Cliff's. Yesterday I went to the Methodist Shop, a thrift store next to Cliff's, and got these cute quilt blocks, there were like 12 for a buck. So anyway when I got back to Cliff's (the place where I work) we were talking and thought they would look cute on some aprons they had that no one would wear cuz they were long and had no pockets, so.... I turned the bottoms up and made pockets all along the front and zig zagged these cute blocks on the front. Then I thought 'I wish I had time to embroider Cliff's name on the front', I'm not an embroidry nut, but I remembered some fabric paints I had so I used them, I only had gold and black but they turned out pretty good. I started at about 6:30 this morning and just finished, Yeah!!! Now I gotta get ready for work, have a great day.
Happy Createing~~

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