Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Latest Chair


As you will soon be able to tell I love to paint. Right now it's chairs but it may evolve to something else later, who knows! I have ideas floating through my head all the time. This one is my latest. The seat is a crazy quilt design. It's a fun chair. Your comments are always appreciated.
Thanks, Donna


Lucydolls' ramblings said...

Thelma ~ this is awesome. I will share your blog with my blogging pals.

deedee said...

I can't wait to see more.

Gean said...

AWESOME!!! And you are my sister in law to boot. I love your creativity and can hardly wait to see your Gallery Show. Let everyone know about your Gallery Show, you are in the big time now and I knew you when...
Love you Donna

SheilaDy said...

Hi Donna-I am one of Lisa's blogging pals :)

You are the new Mary Engelbreit!! I have a chair that I would love to pay you to do. We must talk!!


AngieB said...

What's this? gallery stuff? you must share whats going on ! This chair is so peaceful-beautiful work Donna!