Friday, September 19, 2008

Inspiring the Youth of America in Art!!

As you can see you must start at their level. Spending days with the youth of America, ie. grandchildren, can be taxing. However, in the back of my mind I understand the wealth is in the investment of time. Their minds between the age of 4 and 15 take in information faster than most super computers. If we are to cultivate this generation in which our children have been entrusted, we must strike a balance with not only our children but a relationship with theirs. "Hey, Grampa that's cool", are the words we are looking for. To develope said relationship starts with an understanding that boundries have already been set by the parents. That should be considered holy ground, one should not question that authority. So... Attendance at social functions, Yeah!, even hosting, creates the playing field upon which your education attempts can be made.
I would like to say vocabulary is so important. Children are on to you immediatly if you talk down to them, however, if you speak over their head they will also write you off. Start with a 'high 5', go for 'knuckles', the next level and so on. The rapore that you have developed at this point will become a relationship to maintain.
Art, the passion in which creates who you are through what you see. Defines you for others to enjoy. This joy is the smile on a childs face when you say 'that a boy', for picking the right colors. Vocabulary is gained when an understanding of 'nice blend' happens. Idaho, you gotta have Art.
Dennis Brobeck On The Edge~

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